April 16, 2024

A French supermarket has banned women wearing the hijab and abaya and jalaliya men in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Ban of Hijab and jalabiya in Saudi Arabia

  • However, locals have denied the allegations,
  • because they have been criticized on
  • social media for banning women wearing the hijab or wearing abaya

French restaurant Bagatelle has come under fire after allegations that its branch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,

barred women wearing the hijab or abaya, as well as men from fainting.


They wore clothes that most Saudis were known to wear, such as a jalaliya or a cloak

Many Saudis have taken to social media to express their displeasure over allegations that a foreign company is trying to

force Saudi Arabia on a culture that does not belong to them.

The house has being closed.

The Baghdad-based restaurant chain has sent a statement to the BBC stating that its Jeddah branch,

which is run by Saudi company, has not been able to do the same thing.

wearing a hijab or abaya, or men in a jalalabadi or cloak, she says all she has to do is

follow the rules and regulations of the beach resort,

which is a place of business, where here branch it belongs to them.

And the system that the real owners of this place are in, which is also the whole park

of Saudi Arabia, the system is that everyone who has a place there has to follow the European dress code.

Bagatelle Restaurant emphasizes that it adheres to the rules and customs of the people wherever it has a branch,

which includes several branches in Saudi Arabia.

The shopkeepers said they had closed their Jeddah branch for almost two months.

  • The uproar is a sign of unconventional culture, as the country embraces modern transformation, especially in its efforts to develop tourism to attract visitors from the West in particular. of Europeans.

And one of the places where the Saudi authorities want to attract tourists is on the shores of Maliya,

where this restaurant is located on the beach.


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